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AMS 360

Digitize your entire Access Management process

AMS 360 enables you to simplify, streamline and track access to all your computer systems. It helps your firm demonstrate compliance to the GxP regulations


Only Spreadsheet designed for regulated industry

Mastersheets is a web-based spreadsheet application compliant with guidelines from major regulatory agencies like FDA, MHRA etc. It provides centralized storage with access control, robust audit trail and configurable approval workflow.

Your Pharma Manufacturing Dashboard Solution

Elevate your pharmaceutical manufacturing operations with OneView, the cutting-edge dashboard designed exclusively for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

With OneView at your fingertips, you'll experience a transformative shift in how you manage and optimize your production processes.

OneView adeptly aggregates, transmutes, and amalgamates data derived from disparate systems, subsequently rendering it in a lucid, intuitive, and actionable manner.
"Major Pharmaceutical Client"
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Ashok Nayak, CIO, Ipca Laboratories

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Implementing the Access Management Workflow (AMS-360) marked a pivotal milestone in Ipca Laboratories' digitization journey. Datastack's AMS-360 has transformed our approach to access management, ensuring cGMP compliance every step of the way. With its seamless integration of electronic signatures, audit trails, and automated routing, the system has expedited approvals, minimized errors, and slashed delays—elevating efficiency and employee satisfaction. Moreover, the immediate availability of diverse information during FDA audits.

Learn how a major Indian pharma manufacturer implemented Datastack's OneView to have their entire firm's analytics on a real-time dashboard.